Letting go of ones home when selling can be difficult. There are years of memories and decorating choices and just the right pieces for just the right spot. We take our homes personally, and we should while they are ours. But once we have decided to sell, we should start to think of it as the new buyers’ home, whoever that ends up being.

The new owners are going to come in and paint or maybe remodel the kitchen or the baths, and buy their own knickknacks. It will be their home for their memories. We need to look at our home from the buyers’ perspective. When they are shopping for their new home, they are looking at location, room sizes and updates. We should take advantage of anything we can do to help them see the benefit of buying our home. Decluttering a room can show them how large it is. Think of it as prepacking. A cluttered closet can make them think the closets are too small. Neutralizing a wall color can make them think they don’t have to paint, and so on. Above all don’t take offense. We are not selling our decorating tastes or our things or our memories, we are selling our house. Correct that, we are selling them their home.

Try to look at your home through buyers’ eyes. Being honest and critical can save a lot of market time and in many cases money. A good real estate agent will help you through this process. Call me at 847-401-4859 or visit www.InvernessForSale.com for any of your real estate needs.

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